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Hey there!  I am your Adventure and Love photographer Tanya Santos. Mother of 5 heartfelt , strong, and hilarious children. I mean hilarious! I balance a schedule of mama, business owner, adventure seeker, partner and inspirational supporter anywhere in life

 I can.

I am blessed with having the ability to see and capture intimate and memorable moments for others and sometimes myself too. ( You know the saying about the painter that needs his house painted? ...Yeah same story here! Trying to be better with that) I absolutely can never get enough of seeing the love two people share or the love shared between a family. The joy that is achieved during their sessions elevate me each and every time to smile more and love deeper every day. These relationships not only are our most intimate ones but the ones that rest deep in the center of our hearts. We are blessed to experience them.


My mother was a creative photographer (back in the days of film) and I followed her around like a puppy dog to learn everything I could.  I was her second per say with the creative side.  Thinking outside of the box and having the environment around us always be the number one focus before the subjects. I loved going new places and imagining how beautiful those scenic wonders would look if only there was a couple in the frame enjoying it as much as myself. Daydreaming how romantic and intimate it would be to run off and marry there or have a family spend quality time together at. Traveling to the ends of the earth with my camera became a part of so many of my


Despite loving photography, I went to school to do things in the medical field. Why? Well, that's safe. That's reputable and reliable. I learned a lot and it turned into a way to help those closest to me rather than a career I loved.  Looking back, I am grateful for the initial choice I made. God placed something in my heart to hold onto for when it was


A multitude of life changes and circumstances took place over the years. I became a sole mother of 5 and focused on focusing through every day. Spending a lot of time with God. But there was one thing did not change. That little love in my heart that had been placed away for safe keeping waiting to come out and dance.  I looked over at my camera that had been sitting there for months. I stared at it even.

Like we were having some sort of telepathic communication. I picked that sucker up, and started to adventure, everywhere. Along came Couples, Families and others that saw the same

vision I did to have the one thing they held onto closest captured. Their


I am so grateful for having the privilege to capture love for others and give them memories to hold onto and relive forever. It's fricken' awesome!

Thank you all for SO much fun, love, smiles, hugs and dope images over the years!

(Yes, I said dope. I am from the Bay Area. LOL!)

All My Gratitude -Tanya