Barefeet and Boots

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: How far in advance should we book you?


A: As early as possible! Dates can be reserved up to one year. However, I have had an elopement scheduled within a couple of weeks! It just timed right. So inquire on your date asap  and  get yourself locked in! The early bird gets the worm.


Q: Do you only shoot outside during certain hours?

A: I specialize in natural light situations and Love the outdoors. This is where I shine brightest in my imagery. I prefer to shoot in the early mornings (sunrise) or during the late afternoon (sunset hours). However, imagery can be achieved at any time of day. I Love overcast and cloudy days as well! I can totally add images within a  building or home with adequate lighting if it is something a couple or family would really enjoy. Wedding receptions tend to happen at night and we will bust out the flash for those candid and fun moments too! 


Q: Where are you located?

A: I am based in the Bay Area of Northern California! 40 min from San Francisco and 25 min from Napa! Being fortunate to have been born and raised here I have the inside on some pretty awesome locations!

If you're coming here for your destination wedding or elopement ,I would be happy to assist in any way to find the best part of California for you!


Q: What would you say your photography and editing style is?

A: I would have to say my editing style is a colorful, rich, matted, deep tones of love. LOL! I enjoy bringing the life and light out of the subjects while still pulling out the colors of the environment we are in. I love the softer matted feel as it creates for a bit more emotion and mood to an image ( in my opinion) and I really love when images pop all the feels!

My photography style would have probably four words. Organic, Romantic, Fun and Intentional.


Q: What is an Adventure Session?

A: An Adventure session is exactly that! Your are outdoors in the elements adventuring through your chosen environment. Whether it be in your home town or in a far away on a destination session. Hiking to the best locations and running through the rocks, beaches and fields of this earth! It could be a short trek or one a bit longer to get where we need to go. And yes, sometimes that means crossing bodies of water! Whatever your capabilities are we can achieve it!


Q: What is an Elopement and can guests come?

A: An elopement is a magical and very intimate marriage ceremony between two people. The focus is primarily on the couple themselves and the love they share. Though getting married no matter what is stressful, this choice of marriage has a lot less stress involved and a lot more time is able to be given to one another. They are romantic, daring and so memorable. Like "Let's run away and do this!" so sexy.

Of course guests can be in attendance at an elopement!

Up to 15 guests in my opinion would still be considered an elopement. That's just because I come from a larger family and understand siblings and parents alone could exceed that. LOL!


Q: What is an Intimate Wedding?

A: An Intimate Wedding is very similar to an elopement just not as private. This wedding has no more than about 40 guests in attendance. 

With a more intimate guest list the couple has more time to focus on the day and why they are all together. They can put a little more to the dream wedding they want while still having all the most important people in their lives present. There will be mindful time to spend moments with each guest and even achieve a picture with everyone at their wedding all together! That is just the best ever! Because most of these guests tend to know one another the party and emotional feels are always awesome! 

All of this info also applies to Destination Weddings. Being that they are a far distance for others to travel to, they tend to have a guest variance of 10-40 people.


Q: Do you photograph larger weddings?

A: Unfortunately I do not photograph larger traditional weddings. I do have a second photographer that comes with me when needed, but I have found my expertise is best utilized for couples with intimate and untraditional settings. My creative juices flow with couples that have ability to relax and really connect with one another and their environment. With minimal time restraints on the photographic adventure, and less stress on the couple, the imagery we are looking to create is able to come alive with abundance. 


Q: How many pictures do I receive in my gallery?

A: The number of images varies. There is no set number however, I would say between 30-50 for each hour of shooting.

Every image is edited and picked out very carefully. Only choosing the very best images for you to have. I do my best not to give images that duplicate one another or images that may not have relevance or maybe your eyes are closed, or your laughing so hard your double chin is busting out while slobber falls down your chin, and your someone that would not appreciate that at all. LOL!

I only give you the best of the best.


Q: Can you stylize our engagement session or elopement?

A: Yes. Definitely. 100%. Would love too! This would entail meeting up a couple of different times, emailing back and forth, texting each other exciting ides, have a shared Pinterest account, laughing, know all that stuff. 

Your backdrop, flowers, arch, even helping to decide your attire can be assisted with. These can take a little time to prepare so make sure you reach out with plenty of time ahead.


Q: Do you still photograph Newborns?

A: I no longer photograph newborns. I am committed to still shooting newborns in a "lifestyle family session". This means I no longer put babies in positions for posing but capture the family together in their home doing the fun things they would normally do together. Just with intentional set ups.

I do still capture Maternity Sessions.


Q: Do I pay a deposit?

A: Yes. Every session requires a 50% deposit at the time of booking.

This deposit is non-refundable, but it IS transferrable should something unfortunate occur and we need to reschedule.


Q: Are you willing to travel internationally?

A: Yes. Yes. Yes

I would love to be there to capture your love in the destination of your choiceNothing like a new adventure for everyone. 


Q: Do you cover travel expenses or do we?

A: Travel Expenses are covered within your package.

We find the best rates for travel and typically will stay at the same hotel as the bride and groom or a place very close by. We will fly in the day before the ceremony typically unless it calls for additional time. Being early is better than being late. Airlines can be unpredictable at times.

Food is covered by the couple or family during the duration of my/our work stay. 


Q: The number one question...

What if we are awkward, we don't really photograph well, will you guide us?

A: No worries. First off I am sure your better in front of the camera than you think. We take it slow and give time for everyone to get comfortable. The benefit to being outdoors is the immediate calming affect it has on others. Combine that with being with the one you love and WAHLAH! Magic!

I will give you prompts that will help you connect and interact with one another. In no time we will be able to get those natural images that truly capture your love and connection!