10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day During Quarantine and a Give Away!

Updated: May 8, 2020

Mother’s Day may be a bit different this year for some mama’s and their families. Things we normally do or places we normally go may not be an option this year. And guess what? That’s ok. One thing I learned from Easter this year was that having your family all to yourself and celebrating in your own special way and getting creative probably made for the best Easter I have ever had. Definitely, one that I will always remember and hold close to my heart. 

I realized through talking to others they were struggling a bit with coming up with ideas for their moms and wives. I am sure that isn't an issue only during quarentine though. LOL! That restaurant they like to take her to is closed, the beach they spend the day on is inaccessible, church doors are shut, her favorite toilet paper is sold out, those cute cards and gifts the kids make at school are not coming home on Friday, lastly, this may be the day she loves to get out and celebrate her motherhood and here she is spending yet another day at home. You feel kinda bad and really want to give it that extra special “Your the most awesome mama in the world” vibe this year. So make a day of it and have fun!

I thrive on creating personal special moments for others and even better, I am a mama of 5 at all different age groups. I may be a bit of a dreamer with some of these ideas, but they are all doable, even with only a week to spare. Wait...did I just say a week? Dang, even though we are all sheltering in place right now, time is still moving and flying by! Now there is something that has not changed a bit. Some of these ideas are traditional and may be cliché, but they are also good ones to come back to because they always make mama feel special and taken care of. All you have to do is add your own personal touch.

1. Make a special breakfast or brunch in her honor!

The good ole timeless and sweet tradition of the kids getting up extra early and preparing a delicious (or not so delicious) meal for mom and bringing it to her in bed pulls on the heartstrings. Waking up to their faces all proud and excited to show you what they have done for you is the cutest. I have had a couple of those especially when they were little. Giggling in the room while pretending to be asleep so that they could accomplish their gift. With the food have the kids make or fill out a card for mama that tells her what they appreciate most about her or simply just how much they love her. Joyful tears in the morning are always good. Hang out in the bed all together for a bit while mama enjoys tasting all the hard work. Make it a pajama party and all stay there in bed and eat together or make your way out to continue as a family together at the table.

Now, what if your mom is an early bird and isn’t one to sit in bed for long (like me). Create a decorated and yummy Brunch for her! Now the key is to not let her help. Get creative and after giving her all those hugs and kisses, send mom to the backyard, balcony, or bathroom with a coffee (including her favorite creamer), her favorite tea, or a sweet mimosa! Have her spend time reading a book that she doesn’t normally get to, take a hot bath and tell her to go ahead and take her time getting ready for the day (with a couple pampering bath items waiting for her), or any other option you may think she will enjoy to give you the time you guys need to set up and cook a simple yet yummy plate! Or go extravagant on the meal...whatever you know mom would like more. Have the kids set the table with personalized touches wherever you can. Mom’s LOVE personalized stuff. For example, their gifts, cards or pictures all laid out for her, name tags on everyone’s plates written by the kids, her favorite flowers placed on the table and her favorite morning drink at her seat. Add whatever small elements of her favorites’s that show her you guys know her all too well. Yep, watch her cry, sigh, laugh and squeeze you all with her heart melting right into the palm of your hand.

2. Create Handmade Gifts or Personalized Gift Baskets

One of the gifts that never get thrown away and mean the most to most of us are those gifts that are made from the heart. There are so many ideas on Pinterest that can help. Simply type in DIY Mothers Day gifts from kids. They can be more like something they would have recieved from school like dipping the hand in paint and writing a poem to mama type of thing or getting a little more personal and putting a box together of all the things she loves and enjoys. Add pictures of your kids she has never seen, her favorite makeup or skin care products, perfume, lotions, gift cards to her favorite stores, gardening stuff for those moms that garden, their favorite teas, or alcoholic beverages, gift certificates to hair salons, nail salons or even better, a gift card to get pictures done with her babies or the family once quarantine is lifted (www.barefeetandbootsphotography.com is a great choice)! Now that is something to look forward to and a great way to fill empty time with crushing it on getting things stylized and ready to go with little pressure. Planning a fabulous family session with ample time? Yes, please.

3. Go on a Sunset or Sunrise Hike

We are still able to get to some outdoor recreational parks as long as we keep to the social distancing guidelines. Pack your masks just in case and get mom out of the house for a while to stretch her legs a bit in the fresh air. I love being outdoors with my family. I feel like it always somehow brings us a bit closer. Depending on your mom and the time you go pack an awesome yet convenient picnic meal with some of her favorites, a blanket to sit on, water, portable speaker, bug spray, sunblock, your phones for pictures and music only (remember the focus is on her and family time today), and maybe this could be where you give her gifts as well. Hmmm… maybe depending on how many gifts /cards she is receiving from your group, you could give her them at different times of the day. This way from morning till night, she is reading a sentimental note or opening a fun gift. It just keeps the day full. Just a random idea. 

There is something about the rising and setting of the sun that brings emotional, peaceful, and happy feelings to people. It was something we did while living in Hawai’i a lot. We would head to one side of the island or the other depending and watch the change of the day together. Even my then 4 year old would cuddle up to me and enjoy watching it before running back into the ocean. All 5 kids would take a moment and breathe it in with me. Such good memories. Though an ocean may not be fully accessible now, beautiful mountain tops, lakeside and other options are available at the end of the endless beauty we have here in California. Just be sure to research or call the parks and recreation beforehand to make sure they are allowing people on their trails/ beaches.

4. Plan a Day of Games!

Playing games as a family is so much funI If you have a mom that you think would love this, think outside the box! Grab a volleyball net, badminton net, basketball, board games, a Slip n’ Slide (you can make one out of a tarp), Throw Throw Burrito, Monopoly, scavenger hunts, or do Tik Tok challenges together! Now that is something that the kids will really have fun creating with their mamas! I have discovered why they like it so much! I can hear the laughter now! Make sure to tag me in those so I can see! Playing games and being interactive with one another is just another way to connect, build memories, and learn more about one another.

5. Do Flower Drive-Bye’s with Mom so she can spread the love to her favorite mamas!

Now, this could be done for fun just by you. Especially if your someone that has women in your life that you really want to bring joy or show your appreciation too. I am sharing my secret Mother’s Day event. I have done this now for 5 years and every year it gets better and better. The only difference this year versus others is I will not be able to enter the homes or give hugs to the people that catch me in the act! Here is how it goes.

After celebrating with breakfast and enjoying each other a bit gather a bunch of flowers. I usually do sunflowers ( the are the symbol of sunshine and smiles) or some other type of flower that you can buy in bouquets and be given individually. A tag is placed on each one saying Happy Mothers Day! I get my eldest daughter to be the driver (cause I have had too many mimosa’s already and may or may not still have one in hand) and drive me around laughing, dancing and cheering to all the mamas I love, inspire me or that I care for while dropping a flower on their doorstep. To this day I am sure there are some of those ladies that have no idea where that anonymous sunflower came from. It is o much fun bringing light to someone else’s face and letting them know you (or someone) cares. You could be that one to not only let mom let her hair loose, see those she loves briefly but also create such a fun memory together and for others! This obviously may not be an option for those mommies with very little ones… however, keep it in mind for the future. 

6. Have your Own Family Photo Shoot with Mom

Not all, but many moms veer away from the camera and tend to be the one behind the scenes taking the picture. I wrote about this some time ago in an earlier blog, but pictures of mamas and their kids can be scarce. Especially when the kids get older, more independant and the opportunities become more limited. Utilize this day to have a photoshoot with Mom! Commemorate a Mother’s Day we will not ever forget with awesome moments together that day! Smiling, hugging doing all those activities together, and then have the kids take their own picture of mom that they set up all by themselves. Let them cpature their mom in the light they best see her in.  When she sees how proud they are not only of themselves, but the beauty they see in her, she may be inclined to see and feel that about herself. What better gift to give than the opportunity to see your own beauty through your child’s eyes? As we took pictures for a "Home Spa" idea (a bit below) my daughter took one of me more up close. I don't like those of myself normally. She was being creative and getting all different angles. I was impressed! Her exposure and focus was on point! Thank you Mailea! By the way, selfies with mom are acceptable too! 

7. Dance Party anyone?

Does your mama got the moves like Jaggar? Does she shake her thang when the music comes on? When she is cooking is there dancing involved?  If so, I take it she loves to dance! Set up a mini dance floor in your home or in the backyard! String lights around (you can use your old Christmas lights), hand her a drink and invite her to the floor! Blast the music to her favorite playlists and get everyone moving taking turns dancing with mom. Celebrate! I get it from my mama!!! LOL! Sing and again create that moment and memory for her to hold onto forever. Being quarantined does not mean the party has to end. Invite others to join the dance party by scheduling a zoom meeting and have fun together! What a way to end the night! Cheers to everyone! Salud!

8. This is for sure Number 1 ! Don't ask why it is not first on the list!

Let mom fully relax! Take the load off! Make sure when she gets up and throughout the day that she does not have to clean a thing! The laundry is done, the dog has been walked, carpets are vacuumed, floors are swept, counters are clean, the dishes are washed, and gosh darnit she is forced to unwind!  Mom cannot relax when they see a ton of things to do around them. Have the kids make a packed that they will not fight at all that day and they will listen to every word to give mom the day off! I know that maybe a far reach for some, but it’s worth a try. Even if it works half of the day, great! She will notice and take what she can get! This would be probably my most requested gift from my kids. When they ask “Mom, what do you want for Mother’s Day?” I always say, just a nice peaceful day where I don't cook, clean, have to ask more than once, or hear anyone arguing with one another. LOL! I know you are all laughing right now at that one. Hold on I gotta catch my breath! Phew, tears falling, but a mom can atleast ask right? LOL! I figure if I continue to ask as they get older it should become easier to acheive.

9. Create a Spa Day at Home!

I know my nails are not looking their best right now, and many moms are saddened to not able to get their monthly manicure or pedicure. A massage that is a great and relaxful treat cannot be purchased for this weekend and what wouldn’t she give for a facial right now? No pampering at the moment is going on. So what can you do about that?

Gather all of the items you can to create a spa day for mom. Get the kids involved and have them help. Set up a station or stations for mom to get her treatments at with a sign inviting her into her own salon! Grab a couple of colors of nail polish, nail polish remover in case her whole toe or finger gets painted, a nail file (from experience do not to let anyone use the nail cutters on mom to avoid the inevitable pain she might endure), light a candle or turn on the essential oil diffuser, google spa tunes or meditative music to set the mood, pick up a face mask and pull out her own moisturizer she uses, use a large bowl for her feet and a smaller one for her hands, body lotion or oil to moisturize skin and finally yet again, a peaceful drink she loves and maybe cute hors d'oeuvres for her to pick at. With little ones it could be as simple as cutting up some fruit and dipping them in chocolate or honey and sticking a toothpick in them for easy eating! Just the attempt to make mom feel pampered will make her smile.

10. My Mom and I live far apart?

For the moms that are missing a child or all of their children this Mother’s Day I know that can be especially tough. My son is in Japan and this will be his first Mother’s Day away from me. I just don’t feel whole when we are not all together. But I am also proud of him and moving onto the next phase of Motherhood knowing they won’t always get to be with me. Whether they are on the other side of the earth or have their own family to tend to. I get it. 

However, no matter what always remember you have your mama. You may have grown and be afar, just know just a simple call of love, a zoom meeting to see your face with the words “Thank you and I love you” may mean more than you know. If you have not already sent her a card or gift in the mail it may be especially important for her to know that on this day she is loved and remembered by you. All those nights she rocked you to sleep as you have done or will do for your child, I am reminding you that you are her light and her reason for working as hard as she does to be a better mother, grandmother, or aunt. She loves you to no end. 

All of the recommendations above can still be done by you in one way or another even from afar. Don’t let distance or responsibility take you away from getting the opportunity to make your mom’s day that much more special by giving her the gift of you. Even if in a small way. One day she won’t be here anymore. The woman that you can go to no matter what, the woman that helped guide you into the person you are today will go home and those opportunities will be forever gone. I lost my mother at a young age. I would give anything to have her here again, even if just for one more hug or conversation. Never take those you love for granted, especially, especially your mama. 

I hope these suggestions help you all create the best Mother’s Day for the amazing women in your lives! If none of these seem to fit for you, just ask her what she would enjoy and make it happen if possible. You may have a mom that just wants to sleep in, sit in her garden for the day or float in her pool with that mimosa we talked about earlier making sure refills are provided!! I also am aware that some of us have “moms” that have been adopted by us or by them and have impacted us as well. Let her know! There will be some mothers that will be entirely alone as well this year. If you know one, please reach out, drop a flower or treat by her door and make her day as special as she is to you.

Give Away!!! Mother's Day Surprise Give Away!!!

 I would love to hear or see what you all do for your moms this year! In honor of a day that means so much, I will be giving away a Stylized Mommy and Me/Us Session when quarantine ends! Simply share this post and follow me on Instagram! Tag me in your Mother’s Day videos or pictures and hashtag them #makemymamahappyBFB and tell the world what you love most about your mom! I will announce the winner the following week! Good luck you guys and enjoy getting creative this Mother's Day!

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