A Surprise Winter Solstice Proposal !

I received a call from Kyle, who was ready and eager to propose to his girlfriend. He was clueless about how he wanted to do it and needed a little assistance. What he did know was that he wanted it captured, for it to be a surprise, and done somewhere beautiful outdoors, but not too far away from their home. He also had a request for his proposal to be done on Winter Solstice (the day they met), which was only 5 days away! Lastly, he desired it to have a bit of a winter/Christmas kinda vibe. We had to get moving quickly!

We came up with this crazy fun idea that he would be asked by a “friend” (me) to help her build her photography portfolio. This “friend” was looking to stylize a holiday-themed couple and needed them pretty quickly. The excitement of transpiring the awesomeness of his proposal together had us laughing in excitement! He went off to share the modeling request with his girlfriend Cassie, and see if she would bite. The real challenge? This was going to take place on her only day off of work that following week! Her only day off! I was sweating bullets for him and crossing fingers!

Right away I reached out to my good friend, my chica, the only person I would ever let touch my face or hair for a special moment, and my fellow mama that makes her kids present things on holidays too (whether they like it or not). Brittany Bahou at Pretty Girl Fix and I had talked many times about how we wished we could help men or women that needed assistance with setting up marriage proposals. It isn’t easy for many to create, but everyone wants it to be special. With our fun ideas, romantic location possibilities everywhere, gorgeous makeup, and amazing photography, we could not wait to fulfill this collaboration vision we had! Luckily, even with the strict timeline, she was 100% on board! We were just waiting for the go from Kyle.

Not but minutes later he text and said she was a GO and totally down! Brittany and I started brainstorming ideas and locations based on what Kyle told me until we found a couple of scenic beauties for him to choose from. He went with Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont Ca.! There was a dock which ran over the water that he found very romantic. I thought that was sweet.

Coyote Hills Regional Park

After a strategic secret meeting with Kyle, we scheduled a face time call with both Kyle and Cassie to discuss what the “Stylized Session” would look like and what we were trying to achieve. We went over their wardrobe (already had picked out Kyles outfits in advance) and asked her to bring a holiday-colored dress as well a casual flannel outfit that could match with Kyle. She would meet Brittany at her studio to start hair and make up a bit earlier in the day and have some time for all of us to get to know one another before taking off to the park. She mentioned she had never had her hair or makeup done before, nor had she had her pictures taken professionally! My whole heart melted knowing this was going to be one heck of a memorable experience for her. Good Job Kyle! Points on points!

The day before the surprise proposal, Kyle and I drove to the park to scope it out. We wanted to look at all possible areas that did not require too strenuous of a hike, as well as the best lighting at the time of his big moment. As we drove in a bit we were both certain that this was the perfect place. It was really magical, especially as I pictured the moment of his proposal taking place there. The dock that we wanted to find was right off of the road and close to the parking lot! I have to say this was a good call. He was certain that this was the exact spot he wanted to propose to his future wife, so we inconspicuously marked our spot.

The romantic dock where it's about to go down!

The day came and coffee filled the hands of Cassie as Brittany worked her magic. We went through the outfits they brought and got them situated with clothing. Kyle was doing a great job of keeping himself calm (I was super impressed) and making it relaxing for Cassie too. I am sure there must have to be some hesitation on her part to do this when time isn’t easily available due to work. So he really kept her feeling like she was still having time to relax and have a bit of fun as well. We had a great time sharing stories and getting to know more about the two of them as a couple. I always love hearing my couples stories! It is like having a romance novel read to you by the writers themselves. Romantica!

SHOWTIME! We arrived at the park and filled the red wagon with Christmas-themed stuff we chose (thank god it was Christmas time). We then began playing around on the dirt path we saw the day before. The minute the session started I could see the close bond this couple shared. They played and connected like teenagers in love. Kyle was constantly touching, holding, kissing, and moving Cassie around. Cassie was smitten by his approach and enjoyed every minute as she nestled her head into his chest over and over bashfully.

After a quick wardrobe change, the time came, the lighting was just right and she was clueless. We took a few steps back to give them a bit more privacy. As she was looking off of the dock out into the water, Kyle placed himself behind her and took her hand. When she turned around, there he was on one knee asking her to be his forever!

What did she answer with? Well, of course, she said YES!

We took a few more images of them together before they went on their way to celebrate. Kyle came running back over before they drove off and gave us the most sincere thank you. He melted our hearts right away! High five team! Operation "Say Yes!" is complete!

Witnessing this take place is an experience I will never forget and hope to do again. Kyle did an extraordinary job by reaching out for help to make sure this was an epic and personal moment for Cassie.

We would love to help all of you wanting to POP the question with proposals that fit your style and relationship! Love is inspiring. POP the question in an impactful and memorable way! It does not have to be elaborate, but it can be intentional, personable, captured, and beyond special!

Feel free to reach out and let us help you create that magic moment your heart will never forget @ www.barefeetandbootsphotography.com

Happy New Year to you all and congratulations to all of the newly engaged couples this season!!


Tanya Berrios

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