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Introducing... Barefeet and Boots!

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

I have a deep appreciation and bit of an obsession with Love. It is the one human emotion that we all crave, admire and have the deepest attachment to.

Over the past year I have been working towards identifying myself as a photographer and discovering what makes my heart the happiest. This has also subsequently encouraged me to make huge steps and decisions in my personal life. It makes sense that my dream would intertwine in both areas. It is amazing that just like a room you decide to rearrange, once one thing is adjusted then other things start to move as well to enhance the space. Next thing you know, most of your things have been moved around to create the vision and vibe you were wanting to achieve. Or not. Sometimes once things move around a bit you see things differently than you did before and your room gets adjusted in ways you would have never thought. Even if it was an awkward or uncomfortable decision at first, you moved away from your comfort zone and created growth in every corner.

I have photographed so many people and so many different things over the years. It has been like treading water and feeling it all out as I waited for the right current to float down. I knew that Love was my niche and the stories I loved capturing the most. The excitement and fun of couples on an outdoor adventure somewhere always left me in awe and on a natural high. As most know, I prefer to be out in beautiful outdoor elements creating organic and natural imagery. I prefer to consistently be surrounded in those situations as they give me the greatest sense of joy, accomplishment and creativity. So, I guess I found my current and decided to start floating down it. I hope it drops me right into the great ocean!

Barefeet and Boots is a name that represents your experience as well as a way to describe the relaxed and organic nature of myself and my photography. Whether barefeet on the beach, hiking through the woods, climbing rocks, trekking it out in the snow, atop a mountain, or trailing along a river. Even at home jumping on your bed or splashing around in the tub. You will most likely be wearing boots or be barefoot at some point of your session (high heels get a trip in the bag but are still welcome) while enjoying the beauty around you and celebrating your love story.

Barefeet and Boots will also be offering "stylized sessions" for clients to achieve their dream elopement, engagement session, proposal or couples session.

Families are so full of love as well, and I will continue to capture families together in their element. Their smiles and laughter are amazing to see with one another. Especially when the time you have together become cherished family moments. Just awesome.

Senior Sessions will also stay as I find those very impactful not only fo the senior but the family as well. It is a time that the parents look forward too and think of from the day their babies are born. Senior Sessions to me fall under Family. As a mama of 5 with 2 graduated now, I know the feeling of watching our babies take the next step in becoming adults. It can be overwhelming. I am here to help you celebrate and cry if need be.

Thank you so much for all of the amazing sessions over the years! Each of my clients have inspired me in so many ways, guiding me in finding myself as a person and as well as a photographer. I look forward to capturing the love you share with your better half or family soon! I pray that your dreams are lifted and encouraged no matter the time it takes or the mountains you may have to climb. Whatever they may be!


I would really LOVE to hear about your dream and how you are moving forward with it! Or just share your dream you would like to work on and maybe myself or a community member can connect you with someone that can assist with ideas or advice! Put it in the Universe!

With Gratitude Always,

Tanya Santos

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